To Shine, To Rebel

by Nemesis Occulta

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released November 3, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Nemesis Occulta.
Music and lyrics by Nemesis Occulta




Nemesis Occulta Euskadi, Spain

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Track Name: Mother Of Wounds
Like skulls sprouting from the soil
horrible flowers in moonlight fields
A seed of hope consumed by silence
soaking up venom like rain in the dirt

The truth that I postponed
it's breaking my bones
will You take me once more?
Amidst cold, apathetic dawn
your shadow, fading away

But I know I can feel your breath
Oh! mother,
Oh! lover,
Oh! murderer

Drowning in a shivering body
breathing my own blood
let me see through your eyes
And only then maybe my words will be drained
pouring a sea in the cracks of this world

Can you see it flowing?
Will You make it happen?
Track Name: Four Gates To One Palace
Clothed in mist and silver
at the end of the path
Drenched in burning crimson
at the fall of dusk
My secret, my heart and my tongue
is a lambent flame of blue
Wild, furious and blinding
with tainted words I breakthrough

Eyes skulk at my coming
in absolute darkness
Like drifting stars
in a tapestry devoid of light
In the midst of stillness
I dare to listen
Through trembling stones
the groans of your bones resound

The gates are open
at the end of the path
Circles within circles
that burns in the sand

standing before me
at the threshold of all
Eternally awaiting
where horizons dissolve
Deafening shrieks
cut through the night
A night without masks
where time will be confined
Track Name: Dust Clouds
Between ageless stones
and bleak moors unknown
Surrounded by thick haze
...there was nothing

In the ruthless breeze
the bitter taste of loss
covers the fields with silence
Silence to curse the sadness
No paths no trails
only long lost shadows
to guide my return
to the ruins where I came from

I´ve conquered myself
to murder the lies
where horrors sleep
Beneath the ground with me
there will be nothing

I swallow the last of my tears
as nothingness unfolds
And I smother my fears
upon the altars of despair

Serene I walk the hours
that turn into days, and fade to black
Slowly I move, crawl through the ground
I drink from the old veins of death
Lost in oceans of time
and yet so pleased
Sterile and cold, covered in white
I gaze into the womb of the light

I feel time like a heartbeat
resounding like hell's trumpets
A night to come
an abyss to cross
I drag the twilight
While the moments slip away
Track Name: Crown Of Laments
Higher, higher
Crowned with roses
and thorns that pierce the skull
Deep, deeper
I witness the birth of her child
the son of a cracking purple sky

And bleeding stars flood the firmament
to pour out of her vulva
and like in an endless dream
I see myself drowning in her beautiful waves of night
Track Name: To Shine, To Rebel
A sun below the clouds
like a tragic weary eye
dripping tears of gold
And I plead for a way
its prison, to escape
Take the last of me
in yearning agony
Bless me with the sight
of the unforgiven shine
that turns the stones to ash

We were there when darkness fell
where the I withers away
to wade to a desolate shore
and sink deeper into the unknown

We were there to hear his voice
calling us to his realm of gleam
In the void forever we'll bleed
up high into a sun above the clouds

A sun within the flesh
A cathedral of shadows
drawn by the wind
in the roar we will kneel
where the bliss of his love will tear us apart

I choose to shine, I choose to know his name
and drink from the fountain that is his mouth
I choose to rebel, I choose to speak his name
and behind his veil witness the end.